Adams Dairy Farm Mural

Sunnyside School Mural

Burrus Mill Mural

Downtown Blue Springs Train Depot


Thanks to a grant from the Truman Heartland Foundation, the new downtown murals are complete!

The murals were created in partnership with the Blue Springs School District.  Students designed and painted the murals based on historically significant places throughout Blue Springs.

Make sure to visit Downtown to these works of art as they are installed over the next few weeks!



(Adams Dairy)
Kim Ackley
Annabelle Cash
Tyler Riczo
Aira Escala
Tori Touzinsky
Amy Teghtmeyer
Alex Eliason
Diana Howser
Cameron Dodson
Julia Banks
Aspen Walters

(Burrus Mill, Train Station, Sunny Side School)
Olivia Smith
Anthony Willets
Melanie Johnson
Jack Sills
Kylan Baker
Lee Steiner
Sophie Schachten
Cassie Brown
Liberty Smith
McKenna Parker
Jennifer Molinaro