Good Morning,

Are you interested in taking a selfie at a historically significant spot in our Downtown District?  See the email below from the State Historic Preservation Office for additional details.

They ask that the photos be taken while holding the This Place Matters redesign.  These photos will be showcased at the State Fair or in their general campaign.  Wouldn’t it be great to have lots of photos of Downtown Blue Springs?  If you wouldn’t mind sending your selfies to me, I will upload them for you and share on Facebook and our website.  The deadline is July 13th.

Also, we are hosting a Friends Social Network Hour on Tuesday evening, July 19th, beginning at 6:30 pm at the Pizza Shoppe.  We invite you to attend – if you’ve never been involved or can’t make the morning meetings, it’s not too late to stop by and see what’s going on in Downtown Blue Springs!

Hope to see you soon!  Send me your selfies


Cindy Miller
Executive Director
[email protected]