THANK YOU to all those who came out to share in the fun and support Downtown Alive! at the “Alice in Wonderland” Piccadilly Gala this past Friday evening.  It was truly fantastic to see how many people are excited about the great things happening in Downtown Blue Springs.  I hope you left the event with wonderful memories, new friends and some awesome prizes!!

To each of you that helped make this Gala possible, from our Sponsors, those that donated items for the quarter auction and games, the outstanding Jabberwocky Emcees and stylish Mad Hatters, the Adams Pointe Conference Center, Village Gardens, the Board and Friends of Downtown Alive, just to name a few, we appreciate you more than you know.  To the Piccadilly Team – I personally can’t thank you enough for putting together such a great event that this entire Community can be proud of!

A couple of  important things: 

Please take a moment to check your coats.  Unfortunately, the long black coat of one of our guests was inadvertently mixed up with a similar coat.  There are keys in the coat pocket that are important to their owner.  Also, a guest left their coat at the Conference Center.  Please call me at 816-808-7553 and I will make arrangements to return the coats to their rightful owners.

Secondly, we extended an offer to purchase the table decorations containing flowers (tea cups, tea pots, vases, etc).  The clocks, books and other table decorations belong to a member of our Gala Team and were not included in the items for sale.  It’s definitely not a problem if you misunderstood and picked up one of these items.  I ask that you please call me and I will gather the items and make sure they are returned.

If you wouldn’t mind, please check with others at your table that may not typically receive emails from Downtown Alive!  They may not realize they have the wrong coat until next winter, now that Spring is on its way!  And they may have no idea the clocks weren’t for sale.

Again, a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who made this year’s Gala the best!  We will be sending a link with candid photos from the evening in day or two, so stay tuned!!  And can you believe it – we’re already talking about next year’s theme!!!

Your support of Downtown Alive! is making a difference!!